Risperdal Lawsuits For Breast Growth in Boys

$2.5 Million Awarded to Plaintiff in Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit

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A Risperdal lawsuit filed in Philadelphia has resulted in a $2.5 million award for the plaintiff, a 20-year-old man who claimed that side effects of Johnson & Johnson’s blockbuster atypical antipsychotic drug caused him to experience male breast growth (gynecomastia). The Risperdal complaint was brought by Austin Pledger and alleged that J&J failed to provide consumers and doctors with adequate warnings about the potential for Risperdal to cause abnormal breast growth side effects in boys and young men. If you have suffered gynecomastia side effects, and you believe Risperdal to be the cause, consult an experienced Risperdal attorney today to discuss your legal options.

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A suspended Chicago doctor pleaded guilty last week to a felony charge of accepting kickbacks and other benefits from a drug company, in return for prescribing its powerful antipsychotic medication to thousands of his patients. The case, which is being held in federal court in Chicago, comes amid increasing concerns about the potential side effects of controversial antipsychotic drugs like Risperdal, which are commonly overprescribed to patients across and country, and many of which have been linked to an increased risk of serious or life-threatening complications. If you used an antipsychotic like Risperdal in the past, and you have since suffered a major side effect, consult a qualified Risperdal lawyer today for legal help.

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A Minnesota man has filed a Risperdal lawsuit in Minnesota District Court against Johnson & Johnson and its Janssen Pharmaceuticals unit, alleging that the drug maker’s powerful antipsychotic drug caused him to suffer gynecomastia, or male breast growth. According to attorneys representing the plaintiff, if he had known about the risk of male breast growth from Risperdal, he would have likely pursued an alternative course of treatment. If you have been diagnosed with gynecomastia, and you believe Risperdal to be the cause, contact a skilled Risperdal attorney to discuss your legal options. You may have grounds to file a Risperdal lawsuit against J&J, in order to seek fair and timely reimbursement for your losses.

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